“The game is suitable for people of all ages and a great way to keep fit.”

Racketball is an amazing sport which is really easy to learn and it doesn’t matter if you’ve never played a racket sport before. Racketball is played on a squash court but with a bigger racquet and bouncier ball, which makes it easier to get to, but harder to put it away. This real tactical challenge ends up being a good aerobic challenge without the explosive turning required for squash.

As with squash all court bookings are handled by our on-line system at harrogate.sports-booker.com. We’ve got plenty of players looking to play regular or “ad hoc” friendlies, we’ve a competitive internal box league as well as an annual club racketball championship.  We’ve got two teams competing in the Leeds and Harrogate Summer & Winter Racketball League and we are in the Yorkshire League now!


Some minor differences in the rules particularly on the serve.

In squash the ball is served out of the hand in racketball it must be dropped and hit after the bounce.

The front wall service line has no relevance in racketball

Squash, at anything less than professional, is normally played to nine points but only scoring after the serve is won.

Racketball is point-a-rally to 11

Tactically, the games are similar, you’ve got to play you opponent out of position and , because of PAR scoring cut out the errors!!! – Easier said than done

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How to play racketball

There are lots of things happening racquets! From club competitions, social racketball, all levels of coaching for squash and racketball and monthly internal mini leagues and club tournaments.

If you want to take it to the next level and get really competitive we’ve 4 teams that compete in the North Yorkshire leagues and another 6 that compete in the Harrogate and District leagues. Come and join us!



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